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In the bygone era, the early Caymanians earned acclaim as exceptional mariners, a legacy that endures today. The island maintains a robust maritime heritage, evident in the daily pursuits of local fishermen bringing in the day’s catch and school children incorporating swimming into their curriculum. Locals frequent spots like Star Fish Point on North Side, embodying the community’s affinity for the sea. Following their lead, why not consider chartering a boat of your own and embracing the maritime traditions that have shaped the Cayman Islands?

Dive Cayman

Since 1957, we have taken immense pride in showcasing the wonders of our underwater realm. The journey began with scuba pioneer Bob Soto, who established the first Grand Cayman dive shop. Fast forward to today, and the Cayman Islands have emerged as a premier dive destination. Boasting over 40 operators and 365 meticulously marked mooring sites, thrill-seekers worldwide flock to our shores for an unparalleled underwater experience.



In Cayman, fishing holds the esteemed title of the unofficial national sport. Throughout the year, prized game such as Blue Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, and Barracuda entice anglers with their abundance. Fishermen have a plethora of options, with different sites and styles available, including reef fishing, fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, and more. Those seeking an immersive experience can charter a ship and glean insights from local captains about Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit.


Whether you’re seeking a private tour of Stingray City or a romantic sunset cruise, the Cayman Islands boasts premier charter operators ready to cater to your every desire. Each charter is accompanied by professional and knowledgeable locals who serve as your guides on the journey. Many charters also provide additional amenities, including light snacks, skilled photographers to capture your moments, and a variety of watersports activities such as tubing, jet skiing, and more.


Embarking on a kayaking adventure provides travelers with unparalleled views of the natural wonders that grace the Cayman Islands. Various tours offer access to enchanting locations that might be otherwise unreachable. Numerous operators are available to enhance your expedition and provide insights into the diverse ecosystem of the islands. One particularly unique option is the bioluminescence tour, an immersive, guided kayak experience that unfolds under the night sky. This tour allows visitors to witness the spectacular natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, often likened to the Northern Lights of the Caribbean, with Rum Point being one of only 10 locations globally where this mesmerizing event occurs.


If you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking a unique perspective of the islands, kitesurfing emerges as the ideal choice. Grand Cayman and Little Cayman boast breathtaking scenery, and observing kitesurfers executing jumps over docks and racing boats is truly captivating. This thrilling sport harnesses the power of the wind to propel riders on compact surfboards, akin to wakeboarding. Across the islands, various operators provide lessons, ensuring both novices and experienced riders can partake in the exhilarating experience of kitesurfing.


Paddleboarding enthusiasts will find the ideal conditions in Cayman with its calm seas and gentle winds. Even if one side of the islands experiences rough waters, the other side typically offers a smoother experience. Rental facilities for paddleboards are conveniently located on Seven Mile Beach, East End, North Side, and even on Little Cayman. This family-friendly activity caters to all ages, allowing children as young as six to participate in the adventure.


Cayman boasts a vibrant recreational sailing community, led by the esteemed Cayman Islands Sailing Club, which holds affiliations with the ISAF and the Olympics. The club offers a comprehensive school and training program, including classes tailored for younger sailors. For those seeking a charter experience, various operators provide scheduled services to cater to your sailing interests.


While Cayman continues to be celebrated as one of the premier diving destinations in the Caribbean, a significant number of visitors choose to explore its underwater wonders with just a snorkel and mask. Our expert operators will guide you in mastering snorkeling techniques, offering excursions like half-day cruises with lunch and multiple stops. At iconic locations such as Stingray City, you have the extraordinary opportunity to interact with one of our most famous underwater residents. Alternatively, at renowned sites like West Bay Cemetery Beach, you can immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of some of the Caribbean Sea’s untouched coral reefs.

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