Featured activities in Martinique

Diving & snorkelling

Embark on an unforgettable diving adventure with FIRST DIVE – EXPLORATION – TRAINING – CHILDREN’S DIVING – HANDI DIVER INTERNATIONAL DIVING SCHOOL. Our specially designed catamaran and speedboat await to explore the vibrant seabeds of Martinique. Enjoy two half-day departures daily at 8:30am and 2pm, diving from Rocher du Diamant to Ilet la Perle, passing by the wrecks of St. Pierre and the Nahoon. Experience a full day adventure departing at 8:30am with coffee, cakes, and fruit juice, featuring two different dives, lunch, and return by 5pm with a fruit platter and Planteur. Dive into the magic of night with Nahoon wreck or traditional site night dives. In January 2023, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of our shop. Discover diving and Nitrox training, and enjoy half-day outings with one dive or “Two Tanks Dive” trips including a swimming break and relaxation on board our comfortable boats. Certified by PADI, ANMP, FFESSM, and HANDI PLONGEE, we welcome divers of all levels to explore the wonders beneath the waves.


Located in Tartane, Surf Up is a premier surf and stand-up paddle school situated conveniently below Hotel “La Résidence Océane,” closest to the beach. Our school caters to all levels, offering private or group lessons to enhance your skills in surfing or stand-up paddling. For those seeking independent adventures, equipment rentals are available for both surfing and stand-up paddling. Capture your thrilling moments with our optional surf session photography services, available upon request. Experience the magic of the sea in a unique way with our night-time stand-up paddle trips, featuring illuminated paddles for an unforgettable experience under the stars. At Surf Up, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional experiences on the water, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned water sports enthusiast. Join us for an adventure-filled journey on the waves of Tartane.


Welcome to Martinique, where you’ll embark on a journey to discover and learn amidst one of the island’s most exquisite marine areas. Accompanied by experienced instructors, beginners are guided through personalized sessions tailored to individual needs and expectations. Our services prioritize safety and optimal learning conditions, ensuring an ideal environment for both learning and progression. Surrounded by passionate instructors, you’ll experience the thrill of wind, sun, and the crystal-clear waters of a large lagoon accessible only by boat. With all the essential ingredients for an unforgettable experience, including white water and stunning vistas, Martinique offers the perfect setting to enjoy and immerse yourself in the wonders of aquatic exploration. Join us for an adventure-filled journey where learning meets adventure in the heart of Martinique’s breathtaking marine landscape.

canoeing & kayaking

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Martinique’s nature alongside Bernard and Benoît, two enthusiasts of water sports and the island’s breathtaking landscapes. Explore the rich flora and fauna of the coastline and mangrove swamps aboard Amerindian pirogues, kayaks, or giant paddle boards. Your journey will be led by a qualified professional, ensuring your safety while you uncover these hidden paradises. Experience the tranquility of the mangroves and the beauty of coastal ecosystems as you glide through pristine waters. With Bernard and Benoît as your guides, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the natural wonders of Martinique in an unforgettable and safe adventure. Let the rhythm of the waves and the beauty of the surroundings captivate your senses as you explore the island’s enchanting aquatic landscapes.

sea excursion

At CENTRALE DU BATEAU, we specialize in the Rental and Sale of Motor Boats, offering both options to suit your needs. Our motorboats are available for hire by the day or half-day, equipped with all comforts including a sun awning, cockpit table, shower, GPS, detailed nautical charts, stereo, flippers, masks, snorkels, cool box, and safety equipment. With approval for up to 10 people, our boats ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. Additionally, we offer water-ski hire for both children and adults, as well as wakeboard and towed buoy rentals for added adventure. Looking to own your own vessel? CENTRALE DU BATEAU also sells new and used motorboats, providing options for those ready to embark on their own maritime adventures.


Embark on an extraordinary journey to observe dolphins, turtles, and other fascinating marine species thriving in their natural habitat. Our tours offer the unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their element, providing unforgettable encounters with the wonders of the sea. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world beneath the waves as you partake in the thrilling experience of swimming alongside gentle sea turtles. Marvel at their graceful movements and admire their serene presence as they glide effortlessly through the crystal-clear waters. Our expert guides lead you to prime locations where these marine treasures frequent, ensuring responsible and respectful interactions that prioritize the well-being of the animals and their environment. Join us for an educational and awe-inspiring adventure that fosters appreciation for the beauty and diversity of marine life. Let us guide you on a journey of discovery as you connect with the natural wonders of the ocean and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


C Jet Ski extends a warm welcome to guests, offering daily excursions by reservation at the Le François marina in Martinique. Explore the stunning bays of Le François and Robert aboard Jet Skis and Boats, from îlet chancelle to îlet oscar and Joséphine’s bathtub, discovering unique and captivating locations while enjoying thrilling adventures. Our tours prioritize safety and are led by qualified instructors who ensure your well-being throughout the journey, meeting all your expectations while navigating the waters. Whether you’re seeking an exhilarating experience with friends or a memorable outing with family, C Jet Ski invites you to discover Martinique from a fresh perspective. Embrace the opportunity to create cherished memories and explore the hidden gems of Martinique’s coastline, where every ride promises excitement, discovery, and the chance to forge unforgettable moments on the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

Coco Fly

Experience the thrill of parasailing and towed vehicles with Cocofly! Our friendly team invites you on a 15-minute parasailing adventure, gliding under our parachute over the scenic bay of Fort de France, from Anse Mitan to Pointe du Bout. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the crystal-clear waters, creating unforgettable moments of calm and serenity. For more excitement, join us aboard our boats for an exhilarating ride on our towed craft. Relax in a local atmosphere as you choose from sofas, mattresses, or flyfish for a thrilling experience with friends or family. Whether you seek a sporty thrill or a leisurely ride, Cocofly ensures a memorable and enjoyable time on the water. Join us for an unforgettable adventure in Martinique’s stunning coastal paradise!


Explore the crystal-clear waters of Pointe du Bout and embark on a thrilling adventure: sport fishing! This unique activity, akin to a sea safari, appeals to both seasoned fishermen and adventure enthusiasts. With a blend of fishing and sport, sport fishing demands good physical condition, technique, and energy to reel in the phenomenally strong fish that inhabit these waters. TWO THOU ensures a safe and supervised fishing experience, allowing you to enjoy the excitement without worry. Additionally, prepare for scenic journeys along the South Caribbean coast, promising long rides on tranquil seas. Discover the beauty of the coastline while indulging in the thrill of the catch. Whether you’re seeking the challenge of hooking a mighty fish or simply exploring the picturesque waters, TWO THOU offers an unforgettable experience in Martinique’s stunning aquatic paradise.


Embark on an eco-friendly adventure amidst the islets of Robert aboard the Dénébola, a cozy sailing boat offering a warm and intimate atmosphere. Participate in the sailing maneuvers and uncover the wonders of the Bay of Robert, including the enchanting Ilet Madame and Ilet Chancel with its resident iguanas. Your knowledgeable captain will enlighten you about diverse ecosystems and the importance of their preservation. Delight in a snorkeling excursion to discover the vibrant seabed or opt for a tranquil paddle session. Experience a full day of unique exploration in perfect harmony with nature. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Martinique’s coastal landscapes while gaining insights into marine life and ecological conservation efforts. Join us aboard the Dénébola for an unforgettable journey where adventure meets environmental stewardship.

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