Featured activities in US virgin islands

Carnivals & Festivals

Witness awe-inspiring costumes, supported by wheels and towering as tall as houses. Observe moko jumbie dancers, elevated on stilts even taller. Enjoy parades where people dance for hours to the beats of calypso and soca music from vibrant floats led by local bands. Don’t miss the competitions for Calypso King and other carnival royalty. The festivities kick off with J’Ouvert, a lively sunrise street dance. Our diverse carnivals celebrate themes ranging from freedom to the festive spirit of Christmas and the optimism for the upcoming new year.

Local Cuisine

While our upscale restaurants excel in serving the world’s finest cuisines, our local dishes have deep roots in the traditions and resourcefulness of past Danish plantation workers who were once enslaved. They relied on humble ingredients, including the fish and seafood they caught, the vegetables and fruits they cultivated, and less commonly used parts of livestock. These same ingredients, combined with flavorful herbs and spices, have been skillfully transformed through generations of cooking techniques, resulting in the delectable dishes we all savor today.

Outdoor Adventures

Embark on outdoor escapades, providing numerous avenues to discover our natural surroundings. Select a hiking trail and find yourself transported to a enchanting realm of towering palms, lively sugarbirds, and playful mongooses. Explore 18th-century plantation ruins and unearth petroglyphs dating back to 900 A.D. Experience breathtaking views from a zipline or while horseback riding. Take to our stunning turquoise waters for sailing, paddling, parasailing, or diving adventures.

Water Activities

Apart from our hospitable locals, scenic landscapes, and unforgettable onshore experiences, the clear waters encircling our islands harbor incredible wonders awaiting your exploration. Set anchor in an untouched cove and step onto a serene stretch of sand. Engage in the thrill of fishing for powerful marlin, tuna, or mahi-mahi. Navigate the waters by sail or paddle, surrounded by awe-inspiring marine life. Dive or snorkel in the pristine, crystal-clear waters, encountering vibrant coral reefs and fish that seem straight out of aquariums. All of this awaits your discovery.

History & Culture

Our carnivals offer a deep dive into the rich cultural tapestry of the U.S. Virgin Islands, celebrating the unique aspects that define us. However, beyond these seasonal festivities, traces of our history are evident in the 18th-century Danish colonial architecture, Danish street names, and estate names like Neltjeberg, Fredriksdal, and Marienhoj. Venture outside the towns, and you’ll encounter estates with vibrant monikers. Indulge in local fruits and traditional dishes, such as gennips and Kallaloo soup, found at farmers’ markets and family-run restaurants. Immerse yourself in our heritage at plantation museums, historic ruins, formidable forts, and venerable houses of worship.


For years, visitors have been drawn to our shores, with a significant number heading to the upscale stores on St. Thomas’ Main Street. U.S. citizens can take advantage of a duty-free allowance, bringing back up to $1,600 worth of merchandise, with sought-after items including diamond and gold jewelry, watches, as well as alcohol and tobacco products. However, the shopping experience doesn’t end there. Explore gift shops, art galleries, and bookstores across all three islands for unique island artwork, resort wear, locally crafted jewelry, T-shirts, and other mementos capturing the essence of your vacation in America’s Paradise.

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