Featured dining experiences in british virgin islands

Bananakeet Café

Chef Spice consistently delights with culinary delights! Our menu features a delectable array of offerings designed to tantalize, tempt, satisfy, and delight your taste buds.


Embark on a culinary journey across the enchanting landscape of the Virgin Islands, spanning over 50 captivating islands. Chef Spice passionately crafts most dishes from scratch, ensuring a fresh and flavorful experience. Our knowledgeable hosts not only guide you through the specials but also recommend the finest drinks and wines to complement your meal.

Brandywine Estate Restaurant

“We eagerly anticipate your arrival at our idyllic haven, where exceptional cuisine, breathtaking vistas, a refreshing breeze, and an elegant atmosphere harmonize to create the distinctive experience that is Brandywine.


Indulge in Mediterranean Bistro cuisine while savoring unparalleled views and enjoying the gentle caress of a cool breeze. Nestled on Tortola’s southern coast, overlooking the Sir Francis Drake Channel in the British Virgin Islands, Brandywine offers a culinary escape like no other


Capriccio di Mare

Capriccio di Mare is a laid-back Italian café situated in the heart of Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, offering a delightful array of authentic Italian dishes for both lunch and dinner.


We proudly cater to diverse dietary preferences, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available.


Whether you’re starting your day with a cappuccino or espresso paired with Italian pastries and frittatas, or indulging in a varied selection of crostini, piadina, focaccia, pizza, and pasta for lunch and dinner, we invite you to savor the flavors of Italy in a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Anegada Reef Hotel

Indulge in tranquility and discover the allure of Anegada with us. Immerse yourself in the beauty of unspoiled Anegada, where the only separation between you and Africa is the expanse of blue-green waters, pristine white beaches, and captivating coral reefs. As the northernmost gem in the British Virgin Islands, Anegada is renowned for Horseshoe Reef, the largest coral reef in the Caribbean, and endless stretches of untouched, white sandy shores.


The reef teems with exotic marine life, creating an enchanting underwater world that beckons snorkelers and divers alike to explore its depths. Nestled on the beach at Settling Point, Anegada Reef Hotel offers an intimate and charming retreat with 20 rooms.

Big Bamboo Villas & Restaurant

Aubrey and Diane Levons envision a haven of serenity and tranquility on the captivating North Shores of Anegada. Marking a significant milestone in the realization of this dream, they have introduced four beachside cottages at their Loblolly Bay location this year.


Already renowned for their popular restaurant, beach bar, and dive shop, the addition of The Big Bamboo Cottages aims to enhance the overall sense of escapism and serenity that Loblolly Bay offers, providing a welcomed dimension for visitors seeking peace of mind on this beautiful island.

Flash of Beauty

Helmed by Egbert, a seasoned lobster and conch fisherman, Flash of Beauty restaurant is a welcoming haven overseen by General Manager Monica, who ensures guests feel right at home. With a delightful mix-your-own-drinks and an honor tab system, this establishment offers excellent food.


While open for both lunch and dinner, it’s advisable to call ahead for an evening reservation to secure your own private spot for a rewarding dining experience.

Bath and Turtle/Chez Bamboo

Step into The Bath & Turtle / Chez Bamboo, two distinct spaces guided by the same owner, each crafted to offer an ideal ambiance for different times of the day in this charming Caribbean locale.


As the sun rises, Bath & Turtle greets you with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, omelets, and sandwiches served with a warm smile. Enjoy a laid-back, delicious breakfast across the street from St. Thomas Bay on our cozy terrace. The picturesque setting is also perfect for a delightful lunch featuring tropical drinks, wine, and a menu that spans international classics like wraps, juicy burgers, sandwiches, and salads, as well as flavorful Caribbean dishes such as ginger wings, crunchy coconut chicken tenders, fish fingers, and more!

Bitter End Yacht Club

For over five decades, Bitter End Yacht Club has stood as a family-owned haven, steeped in a rich 50-year history and nestled in a remote location. Drawing travelers and yachting enthusiasts from across the globe, this quintessential destination on the protected waters of North Sound in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, has been a sailing and watersports mecca. Its allure lies in near-perfect year-round sailing conditions, perpetual sunshine, and crystal-blue waters.


Boasting a casually elegant communal atmosphere and vibrant activity programs, Bitter End has become a cherished retreat for couples, families, and groups, with many returning year after year. Despite facing the challenges of Hurricane Irma in 2017, the iconic resort made a historic comeback with a triumphant reopening in December 2021.


Nestled in the heart of Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, mere minutes from the renowned ‘Baths’ and the pristine expanse of Spring Bay, CocoMaya boasts an idyllic setting with white sands overlooking the turquoise waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and beyond to Tortola. This beachfront haven perfectly embodies the concept of ‘Unpretentious Beach Chic.’


Facing west and nestled amidst colossal granite boulders, a serene white sand beach, and the glistening turquoise expanse of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, CocoMaya is an enchanting destination oriented toward the sunset. It’s an ideal spot to unwind, relishing a leisurely lunch accompanied by a chilled bottle of rosé or savoring a meticulously crafted cocktail while witnessing the sun gracefully descend into the ocean, complemented by the warm glow of the beach fire pit.

Glass House

A realm of eternal summers, accompanied by carefree laughter and the caress of ocean breezes, awaits you at this opulent private sanctuary amid the British Virgin Islands resorts. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury of our Glass House BVI, perched on the volcanic cliffs of Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Here, each morning unveils awe-inspiring ocean vistas that are sure to stir your soul. Delight in the unspoiled beauty of White Bay, cradled within the sheltered embrace of the British Virgin Island of Jost Van Dyke.


Renowned as one of the most exquisite houses on Jost Van Dyke, Glass House BVI stands as a testament to luxury. Our lavish villa offers a tranquil escape off the grid—a haven to call your own.

Ocean View Villas

Nestled in the serene and tranquil environs of Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, BVI, famously known as the barefoot island, the newly constructed Ocean View Villa offers a haven of relaxation.


This spacious villa boasts two air-conditioned bedrooms, each with its private bath, providing an ideal retreat for your getaway. Enjoy the convenience of fast and complimentary Wi-Fi, Dish TV, and hot water in all bathrooms, ensuring a comfortable and seamless stay. Revel in the breathtaking views that surround you, creating a picturesque backdrop for your island escape.

Pink House Villas

Discover unparalleled luxury and comfort at The Pink House Caribbean Villa Rentals, featuring two exquisite vacation villas capable of accommodating 18-22 guests. Perched on the western side of Jost Van Dyke, these beachfront villas, known as Pink House Bougainvillea (the original Pink House) and Pink House Oleander, command exclusive views of White Bay, making them a rare gem on the island.


Relish in the spectacular panoramas of White Bay’s glistening Caribbean waters from the expansive veranda and the inviting Infinity Pool of both Pink House villas. Wander down the terraced walkway and feel the soft, powdery sand beneath your toes as you step onto the pristine beach.

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