Featured dining experiences in Martinique

Bao Beach

Nestled in Sainte-Anne along the picturesque Pointe Marin beach, Bao Beach invites you to indulge in an idyllic Caribbean setting with the sand beneath your feet and the sea before you. Savor the essence of island life as you leisurely sip our delightful cocktails and relish in West Indian specialties and Creole dishes crafted from fresh local ingredients such as accras, boudins, and tapas. Our restaurant menu awaits you from 12pm to 3pm, offering a delectable array of flavors, while our snack menu is available from 3pm to 6pm for those in need of a light bite. Secure your table in advance and seize the opportunity to bask in this exceptional moment by the water’s edge. For added relaxation, recline on our deckchairs and savor your cocktail while immersed in the soothing waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Le Dome

The restaurant boasts a breathtaking panoramic terrace that affords stunning vistas of the tranquil bay of Fort-de-France. Here, patrons are treated to a daily gastronomic adventure crafted by our skilled chef, whose culinary creations are rooted in the rich traditions of Creole cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Martinique’s cultural heritage, each dish presented showcases a harmonious blend of innovation and time-honored recipes. As the sun sets over the glistening waters, diners are transported on a culinary journey, where every bite tells a story of local flavors and culinary artistry. Whether savoring signature dishes or exploring inventive interpretations of classic Creole fare, guests are invited to immerse themselves in an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the island’s unique culinary identity.

Galanga Fish Bar

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Foyal soil, GALANGA FISH BAR exudes charm with its welcoming ambiance and distinctive architecture. Renowned Chef Yadjo ZAMI leads the culinary journey, crafting a menu deeply rooted in local agriculture and fishing. Embracing a commitment to sustainability, the restaurant offers a 100% organic and locally-sourced menu, promising a plethora of flavors served in bowls. Embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates the diversity of fish with options ranging from Ceviche to Tataki, semi-cooked fish to fish and chips. Complementing these seafood delights are a variety of vegetable-based creations, showcasing the vibrant flavors of raw Péyi vegetables and herbs. GALANGA FISH BAR invites guests to tantalize their taste buds and explore the innovative flavors that define Martinique’s culinary landscape.

Le Jardin Des Envies

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of Caribbean cuisine, nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Caribbean coast. Step into the welcoming embrace of the Jardin, the heartbeat of this eclectic Creole-inspired cuisine. Located within the enchanting Village de la Poterie, this oasis of freshness offers a delightful fusion of Caribbean flavors. Explore the island in a new light as you indulge in a joyful medley of tastes and influences, with a menu as diverse and colorful as the surroundings. In this bucolic and charming setting, our dedicated team eagerly awaits to satisfy all your culinary cravings. Surrounded by verdant foliage, prepare for a culinary journey to the heart of flavor, where every bite tells a story of the Caribbean’s rich culinary heritage.

Wahoo Cafe

Nestled along the shores of Le Carbet in northern Martinique, The Wahoo Café beckons beachgoers to savor the essence of Caribbean bliss. With toes dipped in the Caribbean Sea, guests indulge in cocktails crafted before their eyes, using fresh fruit sourced from sustainable agriculture. A snack bar offers simple yet flavorful fish recipes throughout the day. Complete with deckchairs, parasols, and beach volleyball, The Wahoo Café invites relaxation and recreation by the sea. Guests can also partake in sea outings and dolphin watching adventures. Regular musical entertainment, featuring live bands and DJs, adds to the vibrant atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the laid-back charm of The Wahoo Café, where every sip, bite, and moment spent by the sea is infused with the spirit of Martinique’s northern coast.

Zanzibar Restaurant

In the ambiance of an authentic Creole house, where contemporary elegance meets romance, overlooking the beach and showcasing the breathtaking bay of Le Marin. Indulge in a menu that evolves regularly, highlighting fresh local ingredients and presenting original, innovative creations bursting with local flavors. Complementing the culinary experience is a captivating selection of wines and cocktails, promising delightful moments with family, friends, or during business gatherings. This restaurant offers a memorable dining experience, inviting patrons to explore the richness of Martinique’s gastronomic heritage in a setting that exudes charm and sophistication.

Effet Mer

The authentic and welcoming ambiance of Martinique at Nord-Caraïbe. Here, you’ll encounter the island’s warm hospitality, fragrant beaches, and above all, its charming seaside restaurants. At L’EFFET MER restaurant, prepare for an extraordinary culinary journey. Simply ask, close your eyes, taste, and be pleasantly surprised! Indulge in our exceptional concept of pierrades amid a heavenly setting, offering a moment out of time to relish the finest flavors. Experience the true essence of our cuisine with dishes bursting with authentic aromas and quality ingredients. Whether you’re a cautious connoisseur or a daring adventurer, our passionate mixologists await to craft a personalized drink experience just for you. Set amidst idyllic surroundings, relax under rustic straw huts, where you can dream with your feet in the water and your gaze fixed on the horizon. At Nord-Caraïbe, let your senses wander as you embrace the magic of Martinique’s coastal charm.

Poyo Rico

Introducing POYO RICO, the innovative 100% MANIOC fast-food restaurant, originating from Martinique and conceived by Alexander TUIN. This international fast-food concept revolves around the innovative use of cassava flour in its recipes, especially in the breading of chicken. At the heart of the menu is the renowned POYOBURGER, featuring a delectable filet of marinated local chicken breaded in cassava flour, served in a special PANIOC bun. Additionally, the restaurant proudly offers a selection of gluten-free specialties and burgers to cater to diverse dietary preferences. POYO RICO embodies the spirit of Martinique’s culinary creativity, delivering unique flavors and textures while championing local ingredients. With its commitment to quality and innovation, POYO RICO invites patrons to experience the tantalizing fusion of tradition and innovation in every bite.

Le Paradis De L'anse

Discover Le Paradis de l’Anse, situated near the renowned Anse Figuier beach, where every recipe celebrates the richness of local produce. Our spacious terrace, overlooking the stunning Anse Figuier beach, welcomes you with 60 seats for delightful gourmet lunches and dinners. Indulge in a culinary journey featuring specialties from both West Indian and international cuisines, as well as a delectable array of seafood options. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance as you dine with panoramic views of the beach and the tranquil waters beyond. At Le Paradis de l’Anse, we are dedicated to crafting memorable dining experiences that showcase the flavors of Martinique while embracing global culinary influences. Join us for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure where every dish is a testament to the bounty of our island’s land and sea.

Nuevo Mejico

Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner, a productive business lunch, celebrating a birthday, or simply unwinding with drinks and a lively party, look no further! Experience the vibrant Latin atmosphere and savor the tantalizing flavors of Mexico in a colorful setting right here in Fort de France. Our establishment is the ultimate destination in the city, offering an authentic taste of Mexico combined with a lively ambiance that’s perfect for any occasion. Indulge in our diverse menu inspired by Mexican cuisine while soaking in the vibrant energy that fills the air. At our venue, every meal becomes an unforgettable culinary journey, and every gathering is infused with the warmth and excitement of Latin culture. Join us and discover why we’re the go-to spot for those seeking an immersive and memorable dining experience in Fort de France.

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